Teaching Reading Comprehension : Treasure Hunt

by Louanne Piccolo, January 20, 2017

Teaching Reading Comprehension in the ESL Classroom highlights that reading must be made meaningful for students to be able to benefit from it. Although that may seem logical, you might find yourself asking, "Yes, but how?"
There are a lot of fun ways to teach reading but today’s article is going to take a look at how treasure hunts can put reading skills into use and reinforce vocabulary.

English Reading Comprehension activity

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Reading Comprehension14 14 Cours anglais traduction le café des langues modane savoie haute maurienne 013

in the ESL Classroom

by Louanne Piccolo, December 03, 2016


Reading is a mechanical process. Almost everyone can do it but does that mean that they understand what they are reading?

Look at the following sentence and read it out loud: 

Today I saw a palgish fester grondelling strinkly begront the brock

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